Anonymous posted Wish Dream | 1869

My crush hugged me and told me he actually liked me and thought i was cute... it has to be impossible because he already has a girlfriend. Is it fact or fiction?

Revivals 2 Thrift Store Films Trailways Bus Station New Nike Jerseys

Anonymous posted Epic Dream | 1978

A reliable pass rush is something that has evaded the

I still think I can play this game at a high level, Snee said on the eve of his 10th NFL season.Everyone goes through a natural decline as you get older, but i still think i'm one of the better guards in the league.That being said, i still love to play the game.When that goes away, then it will be time to walk away.But i still have that desire, and that's why it was really a quick decision.

Weird IDK Normal IDK

AceEFernando posted Normal Dream | 1360

Idk but sometimes i think i'm not normal because i dream every night, most of my dreams are weird or like symbolism and not most likely to happen...but some of my dreams happened in reality and while it's happening, i know what will happen next but i never did different,i did the same thing that happened in my dream and reality because i'm afraid something bad will happen...and mostly, i forgot my dreams after it happened in reality but i'll remember when something alike happens too.

My Dream About My Idols (1D,5SOS,The Vamps)

AceEFernando posted Normal Dream | 1788

Everyday, I have a dream, idk if it's normal but yeah I do... I always dream about different things, some are weird, some are sad, happy and mostly are things i know not likely to happen. When I started listening to the songs of my idols, I dream of them a lot and it makes me sad because I know it won't happen in reality. :( sad right?!

I want to meet my idols :)

AceEFernando posted Wish Dream | 1590

I wish I could meet my idols but they're so far from me :( I want to see them in concerts but I can't afford tickets to fly to US or UK, etc. I wish to see them because they're my idols and I love them very much and I just want them to know that I love them and I want to thank them for everything and being my inspirations. I know this is impossible but I really want this to happen. :( xoxo

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